Each country names one judge. Judge from Denmark is Lars Lybech Nørgaard, from Finland is Miso Sipola, Norway Øyvind Veel and from Sweden Lars Hedman.


Lasse Hedman, Sweden

Thank you for inviting me to judge the Nordic Championship.

I have been having retrievers for 40 years and been breeder, under the prefix Moorman´s, for 30 years. It has been mostly labrador retrievers but also a few litters of golden retrievers.

I started judging 25 years ago on B-Tests, and Field Trails since the beginning of 2000 in Sweden. I have also been judging in several countries in Europe.

Since the beginning I have started with all of my dogs and most of them have become champions. From the beginning of the 80`s I have used my dogs as picking up several times every year.

Great hopes for a fine weekend with many good performances!

Lars Lybech Nørgaard, Denmark

Thank you for the invitation, it will be a privilege to judge the Nordic Championships.

My life with Retrievers started in 1991, when we had the first two labrador males, and I was hooked right away.

After having spent quite some years training, hunting and competing with the dogs, I finished the education as judge 15 years ago. Since then I have had the pleasure of judging working tests, cold game tests, field trials and national championships in Denmark and abroad.

The last 1-2 years, due to the lack of time, I have mainly been using my dogs for hunting, but will definitively be back in business later on.

We have been breeding working labradors for the past 15 years under the prefix Michno.

It is always a great pleasure to watch good dogs working, so I really look forward to experience the best Nordic dogs at their best, and wish all the handlers and dogs the very best of luck!

Miso Sipola, Finland

I've had dogs for all of my life, and I gor my first retriever in 1985. Since then five of my labradors have acheived the Finnish Field Trial Champion (cold game) title, and I've also had the priviledge to represent Finland in many competitions abroad. Nowadays I mainly just hunt with my dogs, which has become more and more important to me.

I am entitled to judge working tests, Finnish warm game field trials as well as international field trials. I've judged trials in over ten European countries, including Coupe d'Europe in France and IWT in Czech Republic - and also twice at the Nordic Retriever Championships.

I wish all the contestant the best of luck to this year's competition!

Øyvind Veel, Norway

Thank you for allowing me to judge the Nordic Championship again. I have participated this even several times, and it is a championship with positivity and good sports spirit.

I have judged retrievers for over 20 years at home and abroad. I have labrador retrievers, which I use on my own hunt but also in some trials. I breed labradors under the kennelname Soft Rush.

I wish all participants good luck in the trial!